scribblenauts showdown nintendo switch

scribblenauts showdown nintendo switch
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EAN: 60309095 Category: Nintendo Game Type: Adventure Rating: 7+ / Every one

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This ingenious game is the ultimate test for your imagination. To solve its many puzzles, you can conjure up any object you can name, from an apple to a zebra and everything in between. There are over 35,000 things you can bring into existence to solve numerous clever puzzles. Scribblenauts Showdown lets you challenge your friends in Party Mode, where you can test your wits and vocabulary in more than 25 mini-games. Up to four players can play together in Showdown Mode, and Versus Mode pits you against a friend or the CPU. If you just want to let loose, there are eight levels in the Sandbox Mode that let you create anything and see the results.


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