ni no kuni ii revenant kingdom playstation 4 usa

ni no kuni ii revenant kingdom playstation 4 usa
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EAN: 60309097 Category: PlayStation Game Type: Rpg Rating: 12+ / Teen

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This lush RPG is designed to blur the line between animated feature films and video games. Mind-blowing visuals are accompanied by amazing gameplay. You'll play as Evan Pettiwhisker Tildrum, a young king who has been dethroned. Evan sets out on an epic quest to unite the world's citizens and build a new kingdom, but not everyone wants him to reign. Ominous forces walk abroad that could destroy the stability of the entire world. This unforgettable adventure offers everything fans of RPGs crave: exploration, loot-gathering, combat, and much more. The deep original story is rendered with breathtaking anime graphics and tons of charm.