All-Star Fruit Racing - PlayStation 4 pal

All-Star Fruit Racing - PlayStation 4 pal
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EAN: 60309192 Category: PlayStation Game Type: Racing Rating: 7+ / Every one

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All-Star Fruit Racing - PlayStation 4 pal

About the product

  • Jump into a bumper Career mode! - pick your favourite character and battle for the first-place trophy in a series of testing championships
  • Master all the modes! - called yourself the champion of the champion? the journey has just begun! create custom championships and select between three different difficulty settings and speeds
  • Dominate the seasons! - burn rubber in 21 incredible courses spread across five stunning worlds: spring, summer, fall, winter and special islands
  • Fire up the juicer! - bruise your foes (and their egos) by unleashing devastating fruit-based moves with the innovative juicer power-up system
  • Take on friends and family! - Don't race alone! share the all-star Fruit racing fun with Everyone in two-, three- and four-player split-screen action!