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  1. PS4/XBOX One High Quality USB Charge Cable gold one 3M

    PS4/XBOX One High Quality USB Charge Cable gold one 3M

    Product Description

      -PS4/XBOX One High Quality USB Charge Cable gold one 3M

    -【Premium Material】Made of fiber and braided nylon with aluminium alloy housing, make this cable distinguished from the common USB cable, durable for long term use

    -【-Ultra Durability】This usb cable constructed with a special fiber, reinforced stress points and latest embossed texture craft, prevent to bending or scratching, durable for long term use

  2. HDMI TO HDMI Cable 1.4 Version 3 Meter

    Sale  HDMI TO HDMI Cable 1.4 Version 3 Meter  HDMI TO HDMI Cable 1.4 Version 3 Meter
    1.High quality
    2.Plug:gold-plated plug
    3.Conductor: high purity copper without oxygen.
    Special Price KWD1.50 Regular Price KWD3.00
  3. Nintendo Switch/PS4/PC Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter Black : HS-SW287A

    Nintendo Switch/ Switch Lite Bluetooth 5.0  Transmitter
    PS4 Bluetooth 5.0  Transmitter
    PC Bluetooth 5.0  Transmitter

  4. Multifunctional Travel Carry Bag for PS4 Console

     Product Description

    1.Convenient inside pockets for games disc.
    2.Fully padded design for maximum protection.
    3.Adjustable shoulder strap and handle for convenient carrying.
    4. Main pocket holds and protects for PlayStation 4 System. - Front pocket can hold 2 wireless controllers,for PlayStation Camera, AC power cord, HDMI and USB cables.


    Out of stock
  5. PS4 Pro Console Carry Bag

     Product Description :
    Take your PS4 Pro System, games and accessories with you. Keep them organized and protected with for PS4 Pro System case. It holds your PS4 Pro system, games, controllers and accessories.
    1.Adjustable shoulder strap 
    2.Convenient carrying handle
    3.Compatible with: PS4 /PS4 Pro
    4.Fully padded case for maximum protection 
    5.Convenient mesh inside pockets for games 
    6.Main pocket holds and protects For PS4 pro System 

    Out of stock
  6. PS4 Headphone/Microphone Bluetooth Adapter Dongle

      Products Features:
    1.This product is compatible with PC, PS4 console
    2. With a wireless microphone, the pleasure of wireless is convenient and comfortable.
    3. Support A2DP, HFP. (A2DP: Send the music played on the PC to the Bluetooth headset. Audio format: 44.1K sampling, dual channel, bit width 16bits. HFP: Bluetooth headset voice intercom. Audio format: 8K sampling, mono, bit width 16bits)
    4.USB Bluetooth adapter, when you plug in the PS4 console, you can connect to any Bluetooth audio device, no need to re-purchase the Bluetooth headset, let your PS4 wireless external speakers, higher sound quality, better gaming experience

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  7. PS4 Console Carry bag


    1.Main pocket holds and protects  4 Console
    2.Fully padded case for maximum protection
    3.Adjustable shoulder strap and convenient carrying handle
    4.Front pocket holds 2 DUALSHOCK 4 Wireless Controllers, Accessories, Games and Cables;
    5.Enough Space for Your Travel, This  4 PS4 Travel Carrying Bag Case is easy to contain your PS4 console and accessories

    Out of stock
  8. PS4-Chinese Red

    1.100%Brand New and High Quality
    2.Fits Sonyn PS4 Console & 2 Dualshock Controllers
    3.Guaranteed to last a life time, will not fade, crack, or peel. 
    4.Easy Install & Removal. Leaves Behind No Sticky Residue
    5.Decal kit designed for maximum protection coverage and digitally cut for a precise fit

    Out of stock
  9. HDMI TO HDMI Cable 1.4 Version 5 Meter

    1.High quality
    2.Plug:gold-plated plug
    3.Conductor: high purity copper without oxygen.
    Out of stock
  10. Dual charging dock for PS4 wireless controller

    Pordouct chafacteristics:
    1.This product is designed to charge two PS4 controllers at the same time.
    2.Featuring noverl and beautiful appearance use and good practicailty.this product is a game accessory worth buying for PS4 users.
    3.The charger uses standard DC 5V input voltage and is compatible to various  USB interfaces.No special power supply is neened.
    4.After the product is connected to the power supply,you can learn about the charging state of PS4 controller in real time through the product trademark and the charging satate indicator lamp displayed on the translucent lens in the front part of the product.

    Out of stock
  11. PS4 USB Charger cable 3.5M

    PS4 USB Charger cable 3.5M

    Product Description

    -Charge up to 2 controllers simultaneously while playing.

    -USB connects to your console to charge your controller.

    -Allows you to continue playing while charging from up to 3.5m/11.48ft away.

    -The charge and play cable features a charging cable to keep for PS4controller fully charged.

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